Welcome from the Student Services Office

Our students are valued members of our campus community at Lincoln College, and as such we are committed to their successful academic and social engagement.

The Student Services Office looks forward to working with our students and promoting their success by support, advocacy, and services to meet their needs.


Career Counselling


 Our mission is to help students and alumni be prepared to achieve their career goals.  By providing career exploration, preparation, implementation, and management assistance to students and alumni, Career Counselling plays a crucial role in making sure our students succeed professionally.  

Personal Counselling


 Happy, healthy students are productive students!  A variety of services are offered to assist students in their academic and personal success. 

Our professional staff can assist you in developing greater self-awareness, independence, and self-direction in such areas as: 

  • anxiety/stress management
  • interpersonal relationships
  • personal growth and wellness
  • concentration difficulties/test anxiety
  • cultural differences
  • adjusting to college
  • crisis intervention
  • any other issues

 Confidentiality and Privacy:

No information about counseling is released to anyone without a student's written authorization or when it is required by law to disclose.

Financial Aid Counselling


Student Services offer financial aid counselling to students to ensure continuation and completion of their education at Lincoln College.

Lincoln College offers payment plans that allow students to pay their tuition fees in multiple installments. Please contact the Student Services Office to discuss a plan that is suitable for you.

We also offer merit based scholarships to our registered students. It is done through case-by-case basis.

Academic Counselling


 Academic Counselling is available to assist students in creating a plan to reach their academic and career goals. Academic Counselling is available throughout your educational journey at Lincoln College.

What can Academic Counselors help with?

  • Admission requirements
  • Program and course planning
  • Graduation requirements
  • Prerequisites and upgrading options
  • Academic resources and tools
  • Other on-campus support services 

Extracurricular Activities


Extracurricular activities provide a setting to become involved and to interact with other students, thus leading to increased learning and enhanced development. These activities exist to complement the college's academic curriculum and to augment the student's educational experience. Thus, Students are encouraged to sign up for membership at Manchester Golf Club (MOU with Lincoln College). The activities include: 

  • Squash, 
  • Tennis,
  •  Golf, 
  • indoor Gym and many other social activities 

Housing and other support services


We provide multiple housing options to our students through reliable property realtors in mandeville.

We also provide free airport shuttle for our international students at the start of the semester and at the end of the semester.